Brand Twitter Are Doing The Most And Why

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If you aren’t a Twitter user you’ve probably come across memes of brands tagging each other in posts and trying to act ‘human’ to say the least, as it is a more tactical marketing strategy in the age of meme culture.

We live in an era where everything is fast-paced and changing rapidly because someone somewhere wants to be the first to do something new or authentic that just goes viral on the internet.

Brands on the other hand have changed their marketing tactics, from the use of brand influencers to trying to be your ‘online friend’ and thus relatable. Brands are trying their best to seem relatable by trying to take away the professional aspect of their marketing (cause marketing can literally be anything that appeals to the consumer and catches their attention) of which memes catch the attention of a large demographic of people no matter the age.

One of the brands that have perfected this tactic would be Wendy’s. The fast-food chain Twitter account is known for their wild replies when they post something as simple as a ‘sauce discussion’.

As we know many Gen Z and Millenials have a short attention span, although that claim might be subjective to different circumstances i.e. the place, time or the message; as we are just selective of the type of content that keeps us hooked.

Otherwise who else would be binging all those Netflix shows in a day.

Brands personifying their marketing strategy is both genius and terrifying. The need to grab the attention form a younger generation but simply act as their friend might last for now, but eventually, people will catch up with the tactics.

Business and Computing 🎓 Expressing my opinions and experiences through writing ✍🏽 Email:

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Shania Cooper

Shania Cooper

Business and Computing 🎓 Expressing my opinions and experiences through writing ✍🏽 Email:

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